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Refund Policy

Refund policy

We at Agarwal packers and movers have a clear refund and cancellation policy in place. We understand that you may have to cancel your commitment at any time. This could be because of an unforeseen circumstance or because of a last minute cancellation.

We are pretty relaxed on this and let you can cancel your boking with is. However we charge you some amount to make up for the little loss that we have incurred when you cancel the booking with us.

Cancelation policy

If you wish to cancel your boking with us then do so within 24 house of the time planned for shipping. The cancelation cannot be done once we are at your apple and are ready for your consignment to be shipped.

Refund policy

We have a very clear refund policy in place. We have separate refund policies depending on the time when you have cancelled the booking. There are separate charges as per when you cancel the booking. Remember that the earlier you cancel the higher is the amount that you get back as refund. This is because towards the end we must have already set up things in place and cancelling this would incur us extra costs.

We charge you a fixed amount of cancellation and on top of that there is some extra cancellation amount depending on the services that you have opted for. The cancellation amount is dependent on the amount that we have quoted to our clients. So while everyone pays the fixed cancelation amount, the variable cancelation amount could differ on a case by case basis.

Like if someone has to just move a 1BHK home then he will be paying lesser as compared to someone who wishes to move a 4bhk home. We need to factor in the labour cost, the packing material that we have kept ready and the vehicle that we had booked for the transit. All these are considered before we come up with the final amount.