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Packing Tips

• Get durable and strong carton to pack your belongings. Collect cartons based on the kind of things that you want to transport and the amount of things that you have.
• Keep your stuff for packing handy and only then start to pack.
• Never ever should you push in more load into the boxes or else the weight will not be well managed and this will not ensure correct packing.
• Pack all the electronics and heavy bulky stuff in their own packing material. This is the best way to ensure that they do not get damaged.
• Do label every item that you pack. This way you will not be running here and there in your new home in search of the things.
• Ensure that all the delicate items are packed with utmost care. Use specula packing material and wrap them up well so that there are no chances of breakage.
• Keep heavy items in the down and the light items on top so that there is no damage to your stuff.
• The carton should be well sealed and this will prevent any kind of leakage or any misplacement.
• You may label the boxes as per the room number of your new home. Make sure to tell the moving company about the same.
• It is not necessary to pack clothes separately. You can just keep them in the drawer and move them.
• Organize your packing well and plan it so that you do not get stressed. You may wish to do one room at one time.
• If you have cutlery at home the make sure to pack them in separate boxes. This will ensure that it does not get broken.
• Do not keep the entire cutlery together or stuff them in or they will break. It is ideal to put some newspaper between them when you place them.