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Packing Material

Packing materials

We use the best packing material to pack your belongings.

Wooden boxes

Our wooden boxes can be customized and we use the best quality of wood to ensure total reliability. The wooden boxes come in varied sizes that make sit highly optimum to place your stuff in them. There are a range of volumes and you may choose varied boxes as per you movement requirements.

Plywood Boxes

We use the best plywood to make your plywood boxes that we use for shifting. These are multi hand able and multi stackable and it can stand very heavy load as well so move your stuff without any trouble with our boxes.

Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes that we use are available in different specifications and these are ideal to be used for bulk packing. We offer many kinds of corrugated boxed like plain white and crafted boxes.

Edge Boards

The edge guards that we offer gives durability and strength and it is used to pack your delicate stuff that you need to move from one home to another.

Corrugated Packaging Material

These are fabricated in nature and are made using the best quality raw materials. We offer our packing material at a very affordable price. We also offer or packing materials that can be recycled.

Air Bubble Pouches

The air bubbles are perfect to pack your delicate stuff. These are great packing material and we use it to pack your fragile stuff. We offer our air bubble pouches to pack your delicate stuff and this ensures no breakage. The packing material is for a very economical price as well.

Bubble Sheet Roll

The bubble sheet roll helps to protect your stuff in the transit for static electricity. This is ideal to be used and we offer the best materials in the pacing. Apart from these we also offer to you the packing straps and other basic supplies to pack your stuff with ease.