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Beware of Fake

Beware of fake

Look around and you are sure to come across a number of movers and packers companies near you. This could put you in a real trouble to understand who are fake and who are genuine. Worry not because here we have you covered on how to save yourself from the fake movers and packer companies.

We are a safe moving company that offers transit services whether domestic or international. We have a team of experts who do this for you. Our company is registered with proper documents in place. We also have the valid PAN card, Aadhar and GST numbers which can give you surety that we are a genuine company ready to offer to you our movement services.

Also we give our services to our clients directly. To book any services just reach out to us on our website or email address and we will get in touch with you. We do not operate through any other means. So in case if anyone approached you telling you that they are connected to us and offer to you our services then beware of such fakes. We offer to you our services independently and you can be assured that you get the best when you deal with us.

If in any doubts you are free to call up our customer care team and we will assist you with all the details that you need. You can look at our website and get all the information that you need about us.

In case you notice anyone acting to be associated with our company and ask you for payment for our services then please raise an alarm and let us know about it. All our payment and transactions go through legal medium and we do not take money in cash. So if someone asks you for extra payment or asks you money for the service offered by us then they are not genuine and should be reported.